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  • Implantology (also with guidet bone regeneration, ext. and int. sinus lift and autologous blood therapy)

  • Modern filling therapy (with high quality materials)

  • Aesthetic prosthetics solutions (veneers, crowns, bridges, implant prosthetics, tooth-colored full-ceramic restorations)

  • Periodontology (conservative and operative methods including determination of the bacterial flora and your genetic predisposition)

  • Tooth cleaning (individual prophylaxis)

  • Dental aesthetics (whitening, tooth jewelry)

  • Invisible braces (Invisalign®)

  • Digital tooth impression with an intraoral scanner

  • Functional diagnostics digital and interdisciplinary functional therapy in cooperation with ENT specialists, osteopaths and physiotherapists

  • Sports bars

  • Snoring splints and snoring diagnostics in cooperation with an ENT doctor and subsequent snoring therapy.

The above is just a glimpse of our offerings ... Please contact us for individual treatment needs and consultation so we can come to the best treatment solution for your individual needs. Together with HZA GmbH, we are happy to offer installment payment options for all our additional services. Please do give us a call for an appointment before you visit us it saves you long waiting hours and helps us plan your visit optimally. We have our own in house fully equipped and modern dental laboratory, to manufacture your dentures using the latest digital technology.


Make an individual consultation appointment for free now!

We take time for your needs .

We offer installment payment options for our service.

We offer modern dentistry of the highest quality and offer a long term warranty.

Our profession is our passion.
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